Are You Thinking Of Painting Your House White? Before You Do, Keep These Things In Mind.

The colors are associated with moods, so when we enter a room, white conveys peace, tranquility, calm.

  1. Pay attention to natural light

White paint is the one that best reflects light, so it is usually the automatic choice in dimly lit environments. However, care must be taken to use the appropriate shade of white depending on the type of natural light (and the amount) that space receives: a pure white will optimize the effect of a space with many hours of sun and will refresh it, but it can make another without direct sun look sad and lifeless. In the latter case, opt for an off-white variant to paint the wall, with a zream or yellow note.

  1. And the artificial one

For more hours of natural light than space has, do not forget that you will also have to live in it at sunset. If you paint the wall white, you should pay special attention to lighting.

Since light bounces off white better than any other shade – hence its power to expand spaces – try to avoid intense light sources on white walls that can dazzle. It is better to opt for luminaires with screens that diffuse it and indirect placements. As for the color temperature, choose warm lamps, which emulate the effect of the sun’s rays on the white paint and prevent it from looking dull and lifeless.

  1. It provides texture to achieve a dynamic environment

A good solution to gain a feeling of spaciousness in small spaces is to combine white walls and white furniture. If you are worried that the resulting composition looks bland or excessively flat, go for bold textures in accessories such as rugs, curtains or sofa cushions. The lighting will enhance the characteristics of each of them, creating interesting games of light and shadow.

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