How To Paint Your House, And Why Do It?

Painting your house is one of the reforms, the least bothersome. By painting the home, you not only give the walls a facelift, but you remove the friction and even the doodles and stains from day today.

-Choose light colors; they give the feeling that space has increased; they provide light, especially if your house is not too bright.

-Varier or darker tones make space a more cozy and warm place.

-While the bright tones, they give your home a finish as if it were freshly painted.

Read on if you want to know how to paint your house, thanks to our advice.

Steps to keep in mind to paint your house

Before everything, you should know if you want to paint the whole house, or which room will be the first? For this, it is recommended to clear the rooms as much as possible, in fact, a piece of good advice is to start with the most empty one, and thus be able to move things from the rest of the rooms to this one.

Prepare the painting material, and before starting, check that your tools include the protective paper, spatula, roller, pallet, and especially the paint.

A trick to saving by painting the house is to use old sheets to cover the floor, saving the use of plastic.

Try colors to know how to paint your house.

Although in the place of sale you have found the perfect color, it is necessary that if you doubt a color, you start by testing walls where the light falls differently. Another trick is to look at it at different times of the day. Of course, don’t forget that the paint darkens when it dries.

Make sure you choose the right color and especially keep in mind that different brands vary shades, so it is recommended that if you start with a turquoise shade from one brand, for example, you end up with the same shade from the same brand.

In the store itself, they can make the mix if you want a special tone, however, if you decide to make the mix yourself, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are certain white paints that tile when making the mix. So it is necessary to do it with total care.

How to paint your house Prepare the walls

Before you start painting a room, take care that the walls are in perfect condition. For this, sand them well to avoid imperfections, clean the dust, then we recommend that you make a primer and cover the damage with putty, after using the putty remember to sand and clean again.

If before painting you come across a wall that has paper or stucco, the ideal is to finish them both, or in case the latter is thin, cover it with putty, smooth the wall with putty, try doing this again sandpaper, seal, and you will probably have to apply more layers of paint at least two.

Protects furniture and other surfaces

As we have previously commented, leaving the room to be painted completely empty is the best option. However, there are other surfaces like blinds, baseboards, and doors that you should protect before painting.

How to paint your house and protect these surfaces?

Very simple, cover the skirting boards and baseboards with tape to avoid reaching the edges, at the end when we remove this we can touch up the edges with a detail brush. As for the floor, if you do not have sheets, opt for paper, since it repels paint better than cardboard.

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